Divxsoftware.com Website Review & Ratings + DiVX Software Coupons
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Divxsoftware.com Website Review & Ratings + DiVX Software Coupons

DiVX Software: Products & Services

DivX, LLC creates, distributes and licenses digital video technologies for the PC, the television and mobile devices. They are the creator of the highly popular DivX compression codec, which, allows users to encode videos effortlessly and in a reasonable file-size while not compromising quality.

On their website, they offer their flagship DivX Plus (for Windows) and DivX 7 (Mac OS X) software suite, which allows users to playback and encode files using the DivX codec. There are two versions, the free one and the Pro version, which unlocks a whole host of encoding options to the user.

In addition, they also sell their own video authoring tool (DivX Author) and an SRS plug-in (SRS AudioFusion).

DiVX Software: Company Background

DivX was founded in 2000 by video engineer Jerome Rota, who reversed-engineered the Microsoft MPEG-4 V3 codec to create his own DivX codec. The original company, DivX Inc., went public on 27th September, 2006. In 2010, the company was acquired by Sonic Solutions, a subsidiary of Roxio Corporation. DivX is based in San Diego, California in the United States.

DiVX Software: Customer Feedback & Reviews

DivX products have a rather average rating on the Internet.

In this review by Expertreviews on the DivX Pro 7, it got a 3/5 rating, with its main failing being its playback issues with Quicktime H.264 movies.

Softpedia notes that out of the entire DivX suite, only the converter and the codec are worth paying for. Though lacking in certain advanced features like the inability to join files into one DivX video, the review notes that the converter is fast and easy to use and has multithreading support.

Taking a look at certain user reviews for the DivX codec, the general consensus among them is that DivX has since been outclassed by competing alternatives like H.264, or the free XviD codec, and that the software is bloated. With such compelling alternatives, they question whether it is worth paying for the DivX codec.

DiVX Software: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

DivX has been around for more than ten years and support for their codec is pretty much ubiquitous, from televisions to smartphones. The DivX Devices page itself lists thousands of supported devices, among them being the Sony Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. In addition, their About page states that over 600 million DivX-supported devices have been shipped worldwide. With such industry-wide support, it goes to show that DivX is a rather credible company.

DivX, however, is not BBB accredited and has the lowest rating of F due to 6 lodged complaints, with 2 not yielding a response from the business.

Because of this, the business credibility of DivX is merely average.

DiVX Software: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

DivX.com's popularity is among the top 7000 worldwide according to Alexa (as of July 2012), with it being within the top 6000 in the United States alone. There are over 18,000 linkbacks to the website, thus obtaining a five-star rating on Alexa.

Meanwhile, on Google PageRank, it has an 7/10 rating, which is above average. On Compete, DivX.com is within the top 5,200 websites, with it outclassing it's nearest competitor, free-codecs.com, by nearly double. XviD.org, meanwhile, pales further in comparison, with DivX.com being nearly ten times as popular.

With this in mind, DivX.com's website popularity is rated "Best" for being best among its competition.

DiVX Software: Social Media Presence

DivX maintains its social media presence through the use of Facebook and Twitter, two of the most popular social-media platforms today. They have over 173,000 likes and 60,500 followers (as of July 2012) on Facebook and Twitter respectively, which is a healthy following. Updates are made on both pages very regularly, once every two days on average.

The DivX support team also replies to questions posted on their Facebook page. A quick check shows that almost all questions posed to the DivX team were replied to promptly.

As such, it deserves a "Best" rating for its efforts to maintain its presence on both Facebook and Twitter, with it successfully being an avenue for them to communicate with their users effectively.

DiVX Software: Website Security & Safety

The shopping cart page itself uses a secure HTTPS connection. A quick check using Firefox shows that it is Verified by Verisign, Inc. and uses 128-bit RC4 high-grade encryption.

On the Google safebrowsing page, the site is not currently listed as suspicious. However, there was suspicious content found on the website about two months ago (as of July 2012), but no malicious software was downloaded or installed without user consent. Hence, the suspicious content may be a false alarm.

DiVX Software: Pricing & Packages

Their flagship DivX suite costs US$19.99. However, it is hard to make a comparison with its competitors, as many open-source alternatives like XviD exists. H.264, one of its strongest competitors, doesn't sell their encoding software directly, but rather, they license out their encoder/decoders to companies such as Microsoft and Apple who incorporate them into their own software.

However, given that Microsoft and Apple distributes their video decoding software for free, and DivX doesn't offer any significant advantage over XviD in terms of encoding, it is rather uncompetitively priced.

DiVX Software: Shipping Rates & Policies

All of their software is available via digital download, so shipping is not normally a problem. A complementary backup CD, however, is given on some of their products, and according to the checkout page, it will be shipped within 14 days to the shipping address. From the little information that is provided on the checkout page, it can be inferred that shipping is probably free, hence deserving a 'good' rating. However, no other information pertaining to shipping is provided.

DiVX Software: Payment Methods Accepted

DivX offers a wide range of payment options, supporting VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and JCB credit cards, as well as PayPal and wire transfer. However, for wire transfer, the product cannot be delivered until payment is received in full, and bank account details will be provided in a later step.

It is rare for companies to support wire transfer due to the costs involved in supporting them. Therefore, DivX deserves credit for supporting such a diverse range of payment options, thus deserving the "Best" rating.

DiVX Software: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

According to their refund policy, DivX provides a 30-day refund guarantee. It also states that refunds requested more than 30 days after the initial purchase date will not be issued unless the transaction was subject to a fraudulent purchase. However, it must be noted that if there were any software purchased on CDs, they must be unopened for the refund to take place.

In addition, shipping, handling and delivery charges are non-refundable.

There hasn't been any complaints about the DivX refund process on the Internet. However, it is worth noting that the condition that the CD must remain unopened for it to be refunded may mean that some users may not be able to get their refund after trying out the product and finding out they don't like it. However, given that their software can be obtained digitally as well, this shouldn't be an issue for most.

Hence, the refund policy deserves a "Good" rating.

DiVX Software: Product images & screenshots
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